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TheHorseCourse is a distinct methodology with a well-defined programme and a clear theory of change. We train and support a network of TheHorseCourse Approved Facilitators, their details can be found on the Contact page.

This page is all about training as a Facilitator to deliver Equine-assisted Services. If you are looking for other workshops that we offer, such as our unique Non-Verbals Toolbox training - which is suitable for everyone and only takes 2 hours.

TheHorseCourse is known for its distinct Equine-assisted Services (EAS) modality, backed by a world-leading evidence base (see Evidence page).

We now provide two qualifications:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Equine Assisted Services
  • TheHorseCourse Approved Facilitator training (Fast and Slow tracks)

The Level 3 Diploma in Equine Assisted Services is a generic, entry level, recognised qualification to prepare facilitators to work unmounted with service users with moderate wellbeing needs, whereas TheHorseCourse Approved Facilitator training prepares facilitators to work with more complex psychosocial needs, and to achieve the outcomes which have been proven to result from TheHorseCourse modality through over a decade of academic research.

We are encouraging all our TheHorseCourse Approved Facilitators to take the Level 3 Diploma in Equine Assisted Services as well as our bespoke training, to demonstrate the core skills and competencies needed by all EAS facilitators.

Below are the details for the various pathways for training with us.


TheHorseCourse modality success relies strongly on the style and quality of the horsemanship. If you are a Parelli level 3/4 student or a Parelli Instructor, you can apply now for our fast track facilitator training which we run twice each year. Depending on your aptitude and experience, you could complete the training in as little as 3 weeks. Training will be demanding and assessments will be ongoing and rigorous. If you do not pass an assessment you will receive clear feedback on areas to work on before a re-assessment.

This training is free of charge as our charitable aim is to spread the benefit of our work as widely as possible. We also support those who have the skills and potential to open and run their own centres. 

There are often opportunities for Approved TheHorseCourse Facilitators to get freelance work at our HQ in weymouth or one of our supported centres, see Contact.

We now encourage all our TheHorseCourse Approved Facilitators to take the Level 3 Diploma in Equine Assisted Services as well as our bespoke training. This will demonstrate the core skills and competencies needed by all EAS facilitators. You can complete this with us or elsewhere.


For those who are unable to access our fast track training, we recommend that you work towards the OCNL Level 3 Diploma in Equine Assisted Services first (see below), as we will require this as a pre-requisite for our slow track training when it opens.

If you are over 18, horsey and passionate about helping people turn their lives around through an evidence-based horsemanship intervention – this could be your dream opportunity! We will be looking for horsey people who are calm and confident and who connect well with other people. It is not essential that you have experience with natural horsemanship but that would be a plus. We are designing a blended learning programme for the future which will combine online resources, home study and video or face-to-face horsemanship coaching. It is unlikely that this training will be suitable for candidates who do not have regular independent access to suitable horses.

Training will be demanding and assessments will be ongoing and rigorous. The length of time to gain this qualification through the new blended learning approach will depend on aptitude and prior knowledge and experience. We anticipate that it will take from 3-12 months of part time study and practice to complete, but it could take longer.

NEW: Level 3 Diploma in Equine Assisted Services

The Level 3 Diploma in Equine Assisted Services (EAS) is designed to be a credible entry level qualification for EAS facilitators, suitable to satisfy local authorities, funders and other stakeholders as to the safety and competence of the facilitator.


  • On the Ofqual register (the UK govt register of regulated qualifications)
  • Hosted by a national awarding body: OCN London
  • 34 credits (340 hours of learning)
  • Not tied to a specific EAS methodology
  • Entry level, solid foundation


  • Care and welfare of horses
  • Care and welfare of participants
  • Business and compliance
  • Horsemanship
  • Coaching

The qualification is suitable for a limited scope of practice:

  • Unmounted EAS
  • Service users with moderate wellbeing needs

Additional training(s)/qualifications may be required to cater for service users with specific psychological, physical, educational or social needs/outcomes and these may be in the form of:

  • Specific EAS methodologies
  • Professional qualifications such as Psychotherapist, Social worker, Teacher
  • Focused CPD or training modules

This EAS facilitator qualification was created in 2023 through a collaboration between TheHorseCourse, HorseWorld, Sirona, and Equilore – all four are charities with a reputation for delivering high quality equine-assisted services (EAS), and gave their expertise as a gift for the sector. Additional consultancy was provided by Julian Campbell (Education Development Technical Manager, The British Horse Society) and our trustee, Liz Eaton (BHS Fellow) to ensure the qualification meets appropriate standards. The rigorous process to be accepted onto the Ofqual register was supported by the national awarding body which now holds the qualification, OCN London.

How do I get trained or assessed for this qualification?

Look at the Guidance and Units on the OCN London website

Contact OCN London for an up-to-date list of training/assessment centres. We hope many centres will offer this qualification in future, making it affordable and accessible throughout the UK.

Can I train with TheHorseCourse?

TheHorseCourse is testing this training with a cohort of existing TheHorseCourse facilitators. We aim to offer a menu of options from assessment-only to full training, at affordable rates. We will be better able to establish costings, and advise on portfolio materials once we have taken the first cohort through the qualification. Please email to register your interest in joining any of our trainings in the future so that we can make you aware of opportunities as they arise.

Can I become a training / assessment centre for this qualification?

Any competent organisation can apply to OCN London to become a training and assessment centre for this qualification. Contact OCN London to apply. Centre application button is alongside the Guidance and Units on the OCN London website.