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Non-verbals Toolbox Training

Sign up below for an online interactive CPD-certified course to complete in your own time. Total time approx 2 hours. 

Alternatively, book an in-person workshop through Eventbrite, or arrange a group session for your staff by calling us on 01305 819669 or by email.

The body cannot lie! Often our words contradict, mask or complicate our emotions – or for many people emotions are very difficult to articulate. This course will give you the skills to recognise the clues and signals of body-language and use non-verbal strategies both in the moment and longer term to prevent yourself or others becoming:

  • shut down
  • explosive
  • disengaged or disruptive
  • wanting to run away

This practical, actionable course will leave you with a clear model for human behaviour and the confidence to manage difficult emotions and behaviour.

"The power of the non-verbal toolbox, lays in the recognition that we're all on this emotional map somewhere; using that self-awareness to help others regulate their behaviour is a game changer. Teachers are used to responding very quickly to behaviour that can become quite dramatic. This toolbox trains you to respond just as quickly but also strategically, making the right thing easier and more rewarding. I carry this toolbox with me everywhere, I use it every day, observing behaviours closely before selecting the right tool for a particular problem"  School SEND Coordinator's review

“Understanding how to calm, engage and manage amber and red behaviours were demonstrated in excellent videos along with recap questions and additional printable resources. As a foster carer that has had to learn why the children that we care for can become very emotionally unregulated and how we can help them to co-regulate, I think that this is a great addition to our own personal learning and toolbox of skills." Foster Carer's review

Who is it for?

The Non-verbals Toolbox course is CPD-certified and has been designed for:

  • teachers
  • social workers
  • mental health staff
  • parents and teens

All our ReStart participants and their families get it for free, get in touch if you don't already have a link.

What is covered?

This course will cover:

  • Observing body language
  • Identifying the amber / red zone personas
  • Managing the amber / red behaviours
  • Strategies to grow resilience and foster harmonious relationships
  • Your self-development plan
how do i sign up?

You can purchase the online course for £25 using a credit card or paypal balance through the individual learner form below. You will receive an email link from "Grey Matter" (our learning portal) within a week - it is safe to open.

If you would like to register multiple learners we can arrange a bulk discount and invoice your organisation. Just fill in the form below and indicate how many learners you have, or contact us to discuss.

Participants who have completed our onsite ReStart programme, and their families/supporters, are able to get this course for free - if you dont already have a link, please contact us.

Use Eventbrite to book onto one of the regular in-person workshops at our site (also free for our participants and families). Or email to arrange a workshop at your workplace.

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Multiple Learners

We can invoice organisations wanting licences for multiple learners. If you would like more than 20 licences we may be able to offer a discount. We will need each learner’s name and email address. Please add these in the special instructions field, or if you prefer we can email you for a list. If you have any queries please call us on 01305 819669 and ask for Emma Letchford.

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